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Nature will not be harmed: Ganesh Kumar

Oommen Chandy takes charge
Oommen Chandy-led Ministry sworn-in
Chandy Cabinet to take oath today

Kollam once again stands by LDF

Stars who campaigned for UDF face ‘red wrath’
In Pathanapuram, star value and suspense


20 Comments on “Views”

  1. sajeev manikkasseril says:

    dear brother, achumaman must be ashamed of himself that he cannot get even an Assembly seat from his party!!!!!!!!!
    we are expecting that you will be the next health minister of kerala, because you can give a new lifeline for our unhealthy health dept as you had done before in ksrtc. don’ t worry, go ahead.

  2. rajesh reghunadhan pillai says:

    my hearty congrats. u have great fans in london as a film artist as well as a young polititian. any way i’m really happy.sure u will be minister. my prayers r always with u. from a small brother from kottarakara,now in london…


    I would like to Congratulate you for your Victory in election and your minister post..
    I am from Kottayam, working in Bangalore. Really happy that UDF is back in action.. We all want you as the transport minister this time. I just wanted to point out some requests and observations from my side and all my kerala friends.
    1.The service provided by KSRTC is very poor. Especially to Bangalore . I know you only started the AC bus service from kerala to Bangalore. really very sad that still we have only one Volvo service from any part of kerala to Bangalore. If you can check Karnataka SRTC service its very remarkable. they are having more than 10 Volvo bus services including one Multi axle service . From Kottayam we all really expect at least one weekend AC VOLVO service from our KSRTC.
    2. TATA AC buses are not comfortable and i have bad experience with the service. when my colleagues planned for a kerala trip we booked in AC Bus. unfortunately that AC bus was cancelled and a normal Super Express bus was arranged as replacement.on the day of travel i received the info that bus is cancelled. I felt humiliated among my colleagues.
    3. Super deluxe buses are not at all in good condition. we are ready to pay more if good service provided by KSRTC. The head rest and bus itself is not clean. What we all like from KSRTC is time management. Really Highly appreciable. Our buses maintains time much better than Karnataka transport.
    4.Hope you have travelled across Bangalore. JNNURM buses are very comfortable. our city service busescan be replaced by buses of that kind..
    Please consider this as our kind requests

  4. I have a strong feeling that in our Keralam, food safety is one of the key factors in Tourism. So I would like to request you to take certain steps in implementing food safety in our hotel and food service industry. First of all we need to give basic food safety trainings to all food handlers. Secondly effective auditing must be done in all food service and food handling business sectors.

  5. Balan Rajeev says:

    The frequent strikes and Hartals are taking a toll on the Tourism Chances of Kerala in a Big way. If the outdated political leaders are not taking things in the right perspective, Kerala’s Tourism will suffer a serious set back. I wish Ganesh Kumar can make a positive change in this direction in the interest of Kerala and the inbound Tourists.

  6. kISHOR NAIR says:

    Dear Brother, First of all hearty congratulations for your achievement as a Minister in Kerala.I am sure you will be working beyond our expectations along with the people for their welfare. I wish to have from you stubborn and strong actions against the corrupted employees working with the Gov.system, I am not complaining about the whole community employed with the gov, a few, that way maybe we can change the face of our state for the betterment of our country. I wish you could have been given the position as Home Minister because I beleive in your ablility to bring our forces to a level that they can compete with the international standards. Because we all, basically the people of Kerala are now a days worried about the terrorist activities held in our state. Maybe you will be able to find out the basic root cause and can act accordingly. Don’t spare anyone who is working against the integrity of our nation.

  7. syam s says:

    Saw your new strategies in developing sports and athletic federation. a great move from you.. wish we had more ministers like you.. as you said.. “muzhuvan thoothuvaranam”.. all the best..

  8. Daly says:

    I hope you will do something to salvage (whatever is left) the sportsman spirit of the average Malayali. The Kerala Model of Development has always remained an enigma for economists and anthropologists the world over. Kerala is different from her immediate neighbors and the rest of the country as she has never been attacked by a foreign power – she doesn’t have a history of invasions and foreign occupation. Kerala’s only interaction with the outside world was through trade and missionary activity. This has made Kerala more receptive to new ideas that the traders brought in. And thus we have embraced literacy, women empowerment and high standards of HDI when the rest of the country hadn’t even started thinking about it, thanks to our social and political fabric. But on the flip side, this consumerism and sumptuous luxury is making us more and more slack individuals (what one would call couch potatoes) who desire (and can afford) to take the route with the least physical exertion. It has become a very rare sight to see children playing out in the open like they used to once upon a time. One reason is the prevalence of only 1 child in most of the nuclear families. The main reason for this is the dwindling open spaces in our crowded cities and outskirts.
    My suggestion is…thanks to the many expat keralites abroad, large areas of land owned by this lot of people are lying vacant and thick in foliage at very important pockets in cities and towns awaiting construction of a house/villa. If the government can lease out this land and maintain it by cutting all the overgrown foliage and maintaining it well (just like a mobile tower company leases out space in a third party’s land /on top of his building). The land thus acquired can be declared open for sporting activity for children in the local neighbourhood. This would be acceptable to the NRIs also as it would fetch them revenue for the leased land on a monthly basis and also ensure maintenance of his land. For the public, it would pave the way for a new generation of healthier youngsters with better team dynamics. If it can still happen in Kozhikode and Malappuram , we can make it happen in Kochi and Trivandrum too..!!

  9. No one would have probably bothered about the telephone or mobile calls reportedly made by R B Pillai from the hospital. However, the main issue seems to have been overlooked by the media. Has anyone other than investigating agencies got the right to seek information on the calls made from the telephone/mobile of a bonafide subscriber?
    To my knowledge, the Indian Telephone Act prohibits a third person from seeking info on calls made by a person from his own mobile/telephone. Investigating agencies could seek such info only through a written request when they feel that a subscriber’s phone needs to be monitored.
    However in R B Pillai’s case, it appears that some BSNL insiders connived with a television channel by leaking to its reporters the details of the calls made by the ex-minister from the hospital where he is admitted. How could the entire media remain silent on such a vital issue as leaking private call details by a telecom company? They seemed to have provided such information to a channel run by the minister’s political adverseries. Why are most television journalists are talking only about the calls believed to have been made by Pillai? Another possibility is that while the investigation on the Valakom incident was going on, the police might have sought info on the calls made by R B Pillai. Then someone in the police could have leaked the info to the said channel. Either way, BSNL authorities face the possibility of being accused of indulging in treachery.

  10. Dear Mr.Ganesh Kumar,
    First of all I take this opportunity to congratulate you for your achievement as the minister of Kerala. You are a very good movie actor, but remember its not reality, but a virtual world. You can easily handle law in movie and punish the culprits. But this is reality, real life. People of Kerala, including myself, expect so many things from you. So you ave certain bonded duties and obligations to the civilians of Kerala.

    Our country, our state is corrupted recently. We need young, energetic and smart people with a vision in our ministry.We need a corruption free India, corruption free Kerala. We believe you, We have 100% faith in you as the Minister of our state. We the youth from Kerala who voted you expect a genuine person and leader in you. Hope you will fulfill the ambitions, wishes and dreams of ordinary people of Kerala.

    Mr. Ganesh Kumar, our beloved Minister, we, the youth generation of entire Kerala are with you. Go ahead and achieve your goal. May God bless you 🙂 ❤ !

  11. JAYESH says:

    W e are very happy to inform u that as a media we very much like ur attitude against destruction of forest and land…your strong decision about film industry; exhibiting centers are we hope u can implement a lot of new ideas in your either departments..Remember miles to go before we sleep…Work hard…GOD WILL GIVE US THE RESULT..

  12. Devi Nayar says:

    hi Ganesh,
    i have watched u in films but truthfully enjoyed very few roles, u took over KSRTC years b4, i started appreciating ur work. then i had second thots when u gave up ur chair to ur father. was all this a goof-up to catch sympathy? and those days media added spice to all this. again when u became the minister, had differences with ur father media didnt spare u but truthfully i felt it as a joke cos all houses we c difference of opinion but when u r in limelight its mirch masala. recently, when i saw u in Le meridian for my cos engagement and fortunately we had lunch together in the same hall i got to know a different ganesh, down to earth , frendly no air of a minister and ur dialogues b4 lunch on a person booking an ‘ela’ with a mob was hilarious.. be like this always and we wud support u always.

  13. ajith says:

    I have seen the program regarding night travelling through muthanga in Mathrubhumi Television [12/2/2013]. In this regard please take all the actions which you can take in this issue. We all are with you to save our forest and wild animals.


  14. From

    Ramesh Mathew


    Gulf Times, Doha

    I feel that there is room for improvement in KSRTC only if the staffers agree to listen to the four letters W..O..R..K..If they are to be motivated, both the present staff and its pensioners need to be made stakeholders of the company, each chipping in something like Rs 25,000 each.
    If Rs 25,000 each could be raised from 75,000 staffers (I mean both the pensioners and present staff) Rs 188 crore could be mobilised. However it could be barely sufficient for two months’ of operations in the latest scenario where monthly loss is said to be around Rs 91 crore.
    How could then it be operated without creating too much of a burden to the tax payers, whose money could effectively be used otherwise in many productive sectors.

    A.The KSRTC has excellent garage facilities and qualified and skilled mechanics. The repairing of private vehicles could be undertaken at its facilities, using the services of its mechanical department.
    B.Private operators could also be able to use the facilities at its body building facilities, spread over different places in Kerala\
    C.As in municipal bus stations, private buses be allowed to enter the KSRTC bus stations on condition of paying a daily toll.
    D.KSRTC should explore the possibilities of leasing its excess buses on a long term agreement (I mean only those buses in excellent condition) for the use of private professional and other self financing colleges in the state so that the promoters of such institutions could use the fund meant for purchasing buses for other developmental activities.
    E.Operating courier and logistics services is another option.
    F. Finally, the corporation should take a drastic step of giving compulsory retirement to 10% of senior staffers and all its empaneled staff. It should be followed by 5% retirement annually in the next four years and finally a 10% CR in the fifth year. Such unfriendly decisions could go a long way in saving this corporation which every Keralite wants to continue. Take it from me, otherwise the corporation will dig its own grave sooner than later.
    G. The corporation should also consider selling off excess land that it has in its possession in many places. In such places as Sulthan Bathery, where I understand KSRTC has at least 25 acres for its use, even much larger than the space the corp[oration has even in Kottarakkara.
    H. The corporation should consider winding up such highly uneconomical depots as those in Mallappally, Edathwa, Vadakkancherry, and similar places..There may be many other places too.


    IF U get time, you may also try to find out how much daily collection is coming from those newly introduced low floor services to Thodupuzha, Pala, Nilambur, Kozhikode and Kottayam. I am 100% that each of them must be incurring huge losses to the corporation after the initial fanfare.. Such politically motivated services should be stopped at any cost.

    Looking forward to your response.

  15. I do understand it should go 2 Aryadan Mohamed.. However, the problem is in reaching KSRTC higher ups.. Why I forwarded these suggestions to u is because of your obvious resolve and interest to save the KSRTC from sinking into unseen levels.

  16. Bijumon V G says:

    Dear Ganesh Sir,
    We like the good actions you took to save KSRTC when you are Transport Minister. We like the stand you took against the corruption of P C George. Even if you are son of a politician, you are just an ordinary person, one among us. And you think like an ordinary person to improve our Kerala. That is why we like you very much.

    The March 2013 should end with smile on your face. The issue now you are is your personal life matter which should not be put into Kerala politics. Simply IGNORE or FORGET all those who are trying to attack you. Simply focus on your duties as a Minister. Try to fulfil maximum result oriented activities which will change Kerala, and which may come in VISION 2030. IGNORE whatever which destroy your peaceful mind. …do not waste at least one second by thinking these negative matters. When you don’t mind, everything return from its origin. Even if you loss your Minister position, you will get that back later. Plan for ONE day and take actions to improve the life of Kerala…be active, give results to us…we are expecting that from you..,you can do that.

    We are with you always…Please give us results. IGNORE everything else.

  17. our full support with u….sir……………..

  18. Vaman says:

    എനിക്ക് രാഷ്ട്രീയത്തെപ്പറ്റി ഒന്നും അറിയില്ല.
    സത്യത്തിനും നീതിക്കും ധർമ്മത്തിനും വിലയില്ലാത്ത ഈ കാലത്ത് മനുഷ്യത്വവും ഹൃദയശുദ്ധിയും ഉള്ള ഒരു വലിയ മനുഷ്യനാണ് താങ്കൾ. ജനനായകനായ താങ്കളുടെ പിതാവിനെപ്പോലെ തന്നെ ലക്ഷോപലക്ഷം പാവപ്പെട്ടവരുടെ കണ്ണീർ തുടയ്ക്കാനും അവരുടെ ദുഖത്തെ സ്വന്തം ദുഖമായി കാണാനും പരിഹരിക്കാനുമുള്ള പരിശ്രമങ്ങൾ തുടരുക.
    ഒരു ശക്തിക്കും താങ്കളെ തടഞ്ഞുനിർത്താൻ കഴിയില്ല.
    താങ്കളുടെ ദുഃഖത്തിൽ ഞാനും പങ്കുചേരുന്നു.

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