Responses from the Public

As always, your voice is my inspiration…

Ashok Nambiar wrote:
First of all I take this opportunity to congratulate you for your achievement as the minister of Kerala. You are a very good movie actor, but remember its not reality, but a virtual world. You can easily handle law in movie and punish the culprits. But this is reality, real life. People of Kerala, including myself, expect so many things from you. So you ave certain bonded duties and obligations to the civilians of Kerala.

Our country, our state is corrupted recently. We need young, energetic and smart people with a vision in our ministry.We need a corruption free India, corruption free Kerala. We believe you, We have 100% faith in you as the Minister of our state. We the youth from Kerala who voted you expect a genuine person and leader in you. Hope you will fulfill the ambitions, wishes and dreams of ordinary people of Kerala.

Mr. Ganesh Kumar, our beloved Minister, we, the youth generation of entire Kerala are with you. Go ahead and achieve your goal. May God bless you.

Shyju Mathew wrote from Dubai:
know ur situation Ganeshetta… Father is always father. We cant correct them. So u dont make any statement against him to the media. Let him do what ever he like. But u plz do not resign. Everything will come to calm end. We r praying for u. We need u as our representative of Pathanapuram always.

Reju wrote:
Mr. Ganesh you are a nice man and also your father, but avoid the street fighting because somebody misusing you and your father. Take care.

Ratheesh TS from Kottarakara says:
Really you are great , our society needs people like you to make incredible india . All youth have to get inspired by you .All the very best for your political future ………Lots of Love


A Big ‘Thank You!’

A big ‘thank you’ to all those who have expressed support and sent communications to me through various channels. I am unable to respond individually and I hope you will understand.