Why You Should Vote

There are many reasons for voting. But the main reason is: If you don’t turn up to vote, someone else will cast your vote! The CPM cadres are well trained in this art.

I ask every voter, “Do you want to cast your vote yourself or do you want someone else to do it for you?” Though much has been done to prevent bogus voting, we don’t have an all-clear signal as yet. Until then, my dear friends, don’t allow anti- social elements to hijack the system. Get up in the morning and make your way to the polling booth. Kerala is awaiting your choice with bated breath. Don’t wait until the evening – it may be too late!

Voting may be positive or negative. You can vote for some individual or group you like or you can vote against those you dislike. If you don’t like any of the political parties or even any of the candidates, you can choose the ‘lesser evil’, or at least vote against the person or group you hate the most.

But vote you must. It is your right as a citizen. It is also your duty as a stakeholder in the world’s largest democracy of 1.2 billion people.


2 Comments on “Why You Should Vote”

  1. Blesson Joy, Bahrain says:

    Missing your presence in Thenmala, as it is no longer in your constituency…Yet I’m really proud to be your supporter…

  2. Pleasant says:

    Non voting does not make any appreciable difference. Despite the best efforts to check bogus voting, unscrupulous individuals continue to get their job done. Further, it is a known phenomenon that the Government keeps changing periodically. Why waste a vote when the outcome is predictable anyway?

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