May this VISHU bring peace and prosperity to Malayalis the world over and to all our fellow human human beings. And while we pursue our own personal aims and games, let us spare a moment to help all living things on this on this planet to survive and thrive. We need them all.


4 Comments on “HAPPY VISHU!”

  1. Anilkumar. G. says:

    Definitely Sir, U can definitely Win in the Field of Politics in the Coming years with a Vision…

  2. Arun PR says:

    Dear Ganesh Sir,
    Request you to pls settle the issue between you and Balakrishna Pillai sir. After all you both are father and son, why dont you both sit together and solve it? Not even a single person behind you or him will be interested in solving this as for them its just politics. I know you always took a defensive stand but, the people who voted for Cong-B should not feel ashamed of this. I respect your party mainly because that is the only party in Kerala which says we stands for the majority. Rest all politicians want only majority vote and later they ignore us. This fight is a shame for all you well wishers… Pls settle it.

  3. bindhusaji1980 says:

    All the best for you Sir

  4. Toms says:

    What Vishu for you Ganesh – I can see your tears behind the smile.. I pray that a day will come where you all will be one again. We are so advanced – Still Can pilla sir smile even if you fall and break your knees… Never. So do you with your two lovely kids…

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