Understanding Silence

Those who understand the meaning of my words will surely understand the meaning of my silence.


3 Comments on “Understanding Silence”

  1. syam says:

    Dear Party vice chairman,
    i have to know silence, you want to pick up our party better you can keep your silence that will make you make big difference between channel politicians.

    note: KB you don’t want make a image / shadow, you have one …image(as an actor) & shadow (RBP/kc(b)).

  2. sees says:

    U brought d spirit of youth, freshness of colours, and envy of glamour to politics. What all happend was extremly unfortunate. That unbearable to d people who liked u. Anyway we hope u will resurrect from d ashes like a Phoenix bird.

  3. maria says:

    Sir…silence is not a remedy for anything….boldness and courage need to face tragedies. ..what happened to you…act act act, think positive, rest leave to god…keep sincerity. !!!

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