The Truth About Water and Electricity

We have 44 rivers and abundant rains but all over the State the common people suffer from shortage of drinking water and scarcity of power. The Kerala Water Authority reports that “the estimated distribution loss of water produced is 25%.” (Economic Review 2010). Much of the rain water just disappears or flows into the sea, so this loss is never estimated. The water loss due to pollution of rivers and lakes is not calculated either.

About the transmission loss of electricity, the less said the better. (19.4% in 2010) And there is theft too. Even Baba Ramdev was caught stealing electricity! Kaatile thadi thevarude aana….. As per the Electricity (Amendment) Act, 2007, the definition of theft includes the use of tampered meters and utilization of power for unauthorized purposes, and the offence is cognizable and non-bailable. How did Baba Ramdev get away? Ask the CM who is walking around with a pair of handcuffs! If Ramdev was contesting the election on a Congress ticket, he would have been behind bars now.

“Obviously power crisis is the Prime Obstacle to start new initiatives in the industrial field.” (Page 153, Economic Review 2010). As per the 17th Power Survey, there is an additional generation requirement of about 1000 MW for the State during the next 5 years. The State showed negative power surplus in 2009-10. The gap between requirement and availability was no less than 933.54 million units.

To sustain the present level of industrial production and domestic consumption we need an additional 1000 MW. If we have to start new ventures and increase production on all fronts how much electricity do we need? And where is it going to come from?


One Comment on “The Truth About Water and Electricity”

  1. Jagdish nair says:

    Dear Mr. Ganesh, Greetings to you. It was a pleasure reading your website & your blog. I should say more than a politician or a minister, you seem to be a very good human being. Very happy to know that you have been elected to Kerala Assembly again & also been made a minister. God bless you & keep up the great work.

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