Flooded with Mails and Calls

I don’t know how to reply to all those good souls who are sending me congratulatory messages everyday. My telephone keeps ringing every second. Let me use this blog to say a big THANK YOU!

Do keep in touch and post your comments directly. Your advice and blessings will go a long way towards keeping me on track.

“I have promises to keep…”


37 Comments on “Flooded with Mails and Calls”

  1. george thazhakara, mavelikara says:

    we are proud of your talent and ministerial administration. god help your work and word.

  2. Divakaran Pillai, Pattazhy says:

    Let me congratulate you for making history in winning Pathanapuram assem bly seat with hatrick, with thumping majority. Residents of Pathanapuram will never forget the good things you did. Kindly do something to get Pathanapuram-Pattazhy road repaired. Keralites in the Gulf are thinking that Pathanapuram is developed to a mini Bangalore under your esteemed leadership.

  3. Ganeshetta, Please try to finish the renovation of our Punalur Hanging Bridge. It has been keep on delaying the works for no valid reasons. As a minister of forest Dept, I hope you can take necessary steps to finish the balance renovation works easily. Let it be an attraction for the tourists to our place in future. Wishing you all success once again.


  5. Riju says:

    Watched you on ‘Pratheekshayode Keralam’@ JaiHind TV.. feels abt u like a promising minister and wise politician, your proposals, plans are innovate and fresh indeed ..We the keralaites are very happy to see young, energized pple like you in the cabinet.. hoping that the nw gov brings best for us..Best Wishes!!

  6. Riju says:

    watched ‘Pradheeshode Keralam’@ Jai Hind TV..feels abt u like a promising minister and wise politician.Your proposals, plans are innovate and fresh indeed ..We the keralites are very happy to see young, energetic pple like you the cabinet. hoping that the nw gov brings best for us..Best Wishes!!

  7. Ganeshetta, We are sure you can and will be able to deliver more than what you promise.The new porfolio will help to safeguard the environment of kerala.

  8. Krishna Mohan says:

    inspiring leader for the youth today..!!

  9. gopakumar, Malaysia/ Pathanamthitta says:

    As a NRI Malayali… i am so happy to know that you have become a Minister.You are young and energetic and we younger generations are having great hopes on you. Hoping you will do a good job.. and May God bless you.

  10. Lesly Joseph, Zeenath Theatres, Alwaye says:

    I am very much happy on ur announcement on wide release and demand for theatre upgradation. You can entrust the ticket rate regulatory board to asses the grade of theatres. Tax benefits should be given only for top grade theatres. Amendment of KCRR is progressing under Home department.

  11. Ranjith Pillai, Auckland, New Zealand says:

    Congratulations on your achievement. Its good to see you as the Minister for movies. Please do something to stop glorifying Violence, Lawlessness, Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol etc. in Malayalam movies. Its high time we should do something to make people aware of the effect of these social evils on society. There should be some law to stop glorifying the Gunda or quotation related movies. There should be some tax incentive for Malayalam movies as it will encourage the theatre owners to exhibit more Malayalam movies than other languages. More subsidy/tax incentive and assistance to produce films against social evils, children’s films, movies with good moral value…

  12. Josekutty Panackal, Kochi Manorama says:

    Dear Minister, Happy to know that you are selected as Sports Minister. I covered last Asian games and Commonwealth games for Manorama. I think with your leadership we can make our National Games a grand success.

  13. Prathewraj M, Hyderabad says:

    I had been a strong admirer of yours after the immediate and positive developments which made ripples as well as drastic progress in the Transport ministry. The progress had an abrupt stop the moment you stepped down.
    Let me congratulate and wish you all the very best since you have sworn in as Minister. You have the whole hearted support of all of us.

  14. suneesh cherian says:

    I will not address u as sir, cause u represent a large majority of the youth of this country and I proudly say u r one among us…..We , the youth had no doubt of u becoming a minister, but I really thought U would come back to ur old platform.or at least to the PWD dept….u know the state of our roads. As a tourism minister please have a look into the plight of trainees (hotel management students) who work in the 3,4,5 star category hotels in the state. For the trainees they have no other choice,its a part of their syllabus they have to do it. but it should not be 14 or 18 hours a day, it should be like 8 or 9 hours a day, for this gruelling work will be lower than the lowest paid jobs in the state.The pay they get …it resembles the bygone era of slavery, I was one among them 10 years ago. I will keep u posted about such things …not because u r the minister…its just because we believe in you….and have faith in u….thank you my friend….

  15. Vineeth Vijayan, Dubai says:

    I am a great fan of your acting.You are such a versatile actor.You really do well in politics and i really appreciate your sincerity.I would wish to see you as the Chief Minister of KERALA pretty soon..Prayers to God…..

  16. rohit thomas says:

    i am a kottarakara native. as you are the sports minister can we expect anything for kottarakara? as u know we dont have any recreation centers (eg badminton court).

  17. Nowshad Ali, Singapore says:

    Dear Mr.Ganesh, I am very happy know that you are going to restructure the sports wing of Kerala. Could you please do a face change for sports. As you said give power to sports people to run the body with your highest supervision. I request you to build a sports centre in every district HQ as a first step. Then you can do the same for each Taluk. Each sports facility should not give free to public , keep a nominal fee with online booking system. The facility should contain a swimming pool, Indoor Badminton, Tennis , Football ground with synthetic track for athlete, Health club, Yoga Class. You can build shopping complex around the sports centre to give it for rent and use that money for maintenance.
    I know it is not easy but you can do it. I think money is not an issue for the Govt . as our chief minister said.

  18. Sulphy Sunder, Bangalore says:

    K.B Ganesh Kumar our ‘last resort’.

    Eventually we are glad to see a young and able member in our legislative assembly. May we dream to see a prosperous future in Kerala’s sports field? Though we have immense untapped talents in our state no authorities have taken the pain to rope them in to the main stream.
    Keralites were well known for their support towards budding talents in film field but apparently the situation is never the same now. No proper well equipped government academic/training institutions do exist in this so called ‘cultural hub’.
    After travelling the length and breadth of India I have never seen such a scenically beautiful, geography vivid state. I feel if there was a list of ‘must visit place before you die’ our state deserve to be on top. Unfortunately it is embarrassing to witness the way the hosts receive and treat the guests in this so called ‘god’s own country’ when compared to other tourist spots of India. As a young admirer of you, Mr K B Ganesh Kumar , we expect a lot from you. Though it will take considerable time we are eagerly waiting to see some positive changes in the above mentioned fields.
    “We count on you minister.”

  19. dileep vn says:

    pls do good for the state, for the people, for the nature…

  20. arun says:

    I would love to see a comment from the minister..

  21. vishnu v says:

    congratzz.mr minister..i hve a rqst u to, take action 4 mini highway 4m pathanpuaram to enath..

  22. Ambi says:

    Good Morning Minister, pls do the needful for our nature…..our earth….our future…you can!

  23. Joseph T J, Chennai says:

    Its nice see an energetic minister who is so active and has got a clear plan,, i used to see all your speeches in news channel..you are a person used to study things and taking necessary action. I am so happy when i came to know that you got the sports ministry. 100 % sure you can turn around the politics in sports and make proud kerala by conducting National Games in a beautiful way. one request.. take intitaive to build one good football team for kerala ..sack all the politicians from all sports associationa.. everyone got dream to clean this corrupted administration,,but u r the one got chance.. people should remember your 5 years administration as a landmark in sports ministry.

  24. Shyju Mancode says:

    Waiting for your Immediate attention on follow ups of Kalanjoor-Mancode road, current status is very pathetic and unable to travel,Expecting a result soon…

  25. YourDadsDisciple says:

    Ganeshji, Keep meeting your father regularly.Else he will lose his temper and start blaming you for everything under the Sun.

  26. I am a keen follower of yours. I like your acting as well as your political views. I was back in India when you became transport minister back in 2001. I am glad that you are back in the ministry. I think you should start new way of getting in touch with the general public through the medium of Twitter and Facebook. Or have you started doing that already? If you have can you please let me know your id so that I could follow you. Hope you do very will this time. Good Luck!

  27. Ganesh Ji.. Please don’t be a party to waste the tax-payers’ hard-earned money by building stadiums in all panchayats across the state as was announced by your predecessor. Go for stadiums only where there is a real sport tradition. Rather, try to imbue a sport culture in our people. Also try to discover real talents in every game from only those places where there is a real tradition for a sport. e.g. To find talents in Malappuram’s Areecode and Mampad, Aluva and suburbs of Thrissur such as Elthuruthuthy, Kannimangalam and Mannuthy. Nowadays volleyball talents are mostly coming from Kozhikode district, certain areas on the eastern side of Ernakulam and Pathanamthitta, parts of Kottayam etc. Emerging basketball players are mostly from our campuses and not from any particular place. Exceptions are there in remote villages like Chandanakkampara (in Kannur), Kuriyanoor (Pathanamthitta), Vellikulangara (Thrissur), Kuravilangadu (Kottayam).

  28. sojan chandy says:

    what ever you have done is great when you were a transport minister. Please do something for sports, especially football, we need separate foreign successful trainer for under 10 , under 15 and under 20 selection. there must be a target in front. please advertise local matches to get viewers. players from Indian team should be from kerala, and there should not be anybody to beat kerala.

  29. varghese jacob vaidyan says:

    dear minister, (greetings)

    it is my first experience and i am glad to write a letter to a politician like you. most of the politicians i came alcross didnt do many developments for the future generations with a good vision. u differ from them, u r capable & a good visionary. we are thinking that you are one among us, we have only dreams, u have the vision and power to fufil it. i heard, read, and feel the (good) changes which u done in ksrtc bus/toilet etc….. that was a good start as a short term minister in your political life.
    In my school life, i experienced many of my colleaguea participating in sports only for the purpose of getting grade for their higher education or for a job, i was also intrested in that type of approach. when i came across different nations, they are coaching their kids to become sportsmen who bring fame to their nation.
    our prayers are with you. be a good politician with vision and uncorrupted hands – and encourage young people like u to enter politics, because our state needs good politicians very badly. may almighty lead you.

  30. Rajesh says:

    Real flood coming up Mr: Ganesh Kumar…

  31. Raj Gopalakrishnan says:

    A Great day. I am very happy to see your strong words against our ‘third rate cheap politician V.S. Achuthanandan’ . I was wondering why Mr. Ganesh is so silent even after all those dirty games by this guy. He used his power against Mr. Pillai when he was CM. It was his personal vengeance. Really VS deserves that name ” KAAMABHRAÄNTHAN’Wishing all the best to Shri. Ganeshkumar.

  32. Jose M George, New Jersey says:

    I feel very upset about the way V S Achudanandhan is following your father BalaKrishna Pillai, to destroy his life and career, after all the good things your father has done for our State of Kerala. VS accused that your father caused the govt. to lose money. My suggestion is that you should file a complaint in the court against Mr. VS Achudanandhan for causing the govt. to lose millions of rupees (in operations cost and compensations paid to property owners in Munnar, if any) in unnecessary operations to destroy properties owned by private citizens in Munnar, when he was the Chief Minister of Kerala.

  33. Jose M George, New Jersey says:

    Congratulations to the IT team of Ganesh Kumar Sir. They edited and posted my comment within 30 minutes. Good job. Keeep it up. Thanks.

    • Ganesh Kumar, UAE says:

      As an individual you have got all the reasons in this world to express your feeling to Shri V S Achudanandan. However, you are a public servant and in this clumsy world of politics, you stand alone or at least portray a different picture which gives us hope for the future. Please reserve your public outbursts. We are pleading you to stay away from controversies such us Valakam crime and others. Your support to your father is fully justified but certainly not the way you have reacted to the Valakam accident.The damage to an extent has been limited by your apologies which i personally found sincere and from the bottom of your heart. All the best and stay focused on the progress of Kerala and its people.

  34. Mrs.Menon says:

    Dear Mr. Ganesh!

    Our prayers are with you always to be a good politician with vast vision and uncorrupted hands and also encourage young people like u to enter politics.May God bless you and

    Sashi & Family-Qatar

  35. Devi Ranjit says:

    Mr KBGK,
    i was never a lover or admirer of ur films but u have changed ur image in my perspective to a very matured, unselfish, honest and capable leader. u r the symbol of pride to every youth. keep up the gud work and am sure u can fight and face the discrepancies with a strong hand.

  36. Sujai says:

    my sincere advice to you sir, Dont get carried away with silly comments from P.C.George. Trivandrumites like myself know your sincerity and commitment to the job. The good things you’ve done as a Transport minister still hogs the limelight after a decade. I am sure that had you been in the hot seat in charge of Transport, the diesel problem would never shown its head out. Cheers!!

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