Waiting for Friday the 13th

Kerala’s thirteenth Legislative Assembly will take shape on Friday the 13th when the ballot boxes are opened and the votes counted. It will be a lucky day for some and an unlucky day for many. Remember the song, “Only one wish will be granted…..Be it mine…!!”

The fate of Indian Marxism hangs in the balance. With the exit polls predicting a clean sweep for Mamta Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress and their electoral ally the Indian National Congress in West Bengal, it appears that Kerala may well be the last frontier of the LEFT. And I suspect this last bastion will also fall.

I pray for the success of my friends and allies in this election. May the best men and women win!


3 Comments on “Waiting for Friday the 13th”

  1. nithin george thomas says:

    sir i am from konni. i have heard your speech many times. it was you who changed the face of ksrtc. i think you can do a lot changes for govt hospitals. so please try get the health ministry. i remember a speech u made at gandhi bhavan at pathanpuram about 5-6 years back. all the best for tommorow.

  2. Suja Girish says:

    !!!!!!Congratulation Sir!!!!!!!!!

  3. nithin george thomas says:

    May the almighty god help you to become the best minister kerala ever had. This ministry should bring out all the corruptions made by the LDF ministry… if UDF has a team of ministers like you, this will be a very good ministry.

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