An Independence Day Dream

Six and a half decades ago when India won independence from the British, most Indians of today had not been born. For the country’s youth, the freedom struggle is only the stuff that history books speak of, for even their parents were born in independent India. They dream of an independence still unattained, of a country very different from the India of the 21st century.

I dream of an India that is no longer divided on caste and religious lines. A country where the right to vote really means the right to an independent choice. An India whose people live together in peace and harmony and work towards common goals.

The youth of Kerala have a dream for this beautiful state – a dream that I too share. We dream of a Kerala where bandhas and hartals do not disrupt the life of the common man, where political murders and other forms of vendetta do not tear apart the conscience of the peace-loving public, where diseases and epidemics do not claim precious lives, where women are respected, where the rivers are kept clean, where the forest wealth is safeguarded, where business thrives and wealth is generated, where every individual finds employment without a struggle, and where corruption and nepotism do not hinder the smooth functioning of the government machinery.

Kerala will be God’s Own Country only when people learn to love and support each other, when every person living in this State – not only locals but labourers from other Indian states and tourists visiting from abroad – enjoys happiness and freedom from want. This is the goal the youth of Kerala aspire for. This is my dream for Kerala.

I call upon the youth of this country to have hope in the future, to keep their dreams alive, and to hold aloft the flag of independence in their hearts. Jai Hind!