Sharing some Messages

Messages are pouring in from various people. I thought I would share some of them.

Shaji Thomas from Detroit, USA: This is my take on you, you are a good human being and inside you have a sadness because you feel alone despite of all the good things you did for others. I know that you do all your things by yourself, that starts from laundrying your clothes , i am also like you, i do my things myself, in a way its good because you are independent of your partner and you have the freedom to accomplish your duties that way than stuck to your partner to get permission for everything.

Dr.Salim Paul from Doha. Qatar : We want Ministers like you. Go ahead with full power. All the best.

Cinoj from the Netherlands:
I completely support you , irrespective of whether the current news is true or not. I believe it is a personal choice and people should understand and respect, which is highly lacking in our community.

Ajith, Sheeba, Anjali & Anjitha from Vandannoor: Dont get upset on recent issues. We all are with you. They will be continously making problems. But do not mind it. Wish you all success. Public knows what you are. You have a soft corner to the poor people and not minding the thieves. Go ahead with pride. Ajith, Sheeba, Anjali & Anjitha.

Unni from Kundara: We are with you sir. We know your dedication in politics. Recently i travelled in Pathanapuram and i saw what you did there and how much the people of Pathanapuram like you.

AL-Ameen.S from Kundayam, Pathanapuram : Angayudekoode kerala janatha undu, prethekichu njangal pathanapurathukaar, P.C yude vakkugal kettu anga minister sthanam raajivechu purathu pokaruth.

Sreekumar R Nair from Dombivili, Maharashtra: You should take legal action on the issue raised by PC GEORGE, he is acting as a cheap whip not chief whip.

Sasi Menon from Dubai: ALL THE BEST. Please go ahead with your strong willpower and dedication to serve the society. We all behind you my dear Minister. Pls go to court or necessary authorities to clear your name from unnecessary allegations from land mafias and forest grabbers.

Mathew Paul from Auckland, New Zealand: You are an intelligent, capable, honest minister. We need politicians like you. The current affairs are targeted to spoil your good image, led by your father. Please never ever take a decision to step down. There are many with you, supporting you. You are a good leader. Please let this not affect your image.


14 Comments on “Sharing some Messages”

  1. No father in the world could do such mischievous actions as what your father has been doing all these days.. Just forgive him.. It should be seen as nothing more than the frustration of an old man who is in the December of his political career. You should not think at all of stepping down just because of some allegations levelled against U by some people whose names are not worth mentioning. Perhaps it is the first time ever that one is seeing so much of support coming in for a leader who one feels is a victim of Machiavellian tactics of his adversaries, who surprisingly include his own father.

  2. ajith says:

    Sir don’t get upset on this useless allegations. You go ahead. we are with you always.

    • Poly Joseph, Manjapra. says:

      Its high time the youth of Kerala relise what is going on in the Kerala politics and act and support the real leaders and give a lasting blow to the dirty politics. They have no time to work for the upliftment of the Kerala people and a period of retirement should be set aside even for the politicians and fresh honest , dedicated brains should be injected to the democratic process and political parties should realize that its the need of the time. If there is a will , there is a way, the youth , remember always as you take your study seriuosly , watch and act correctly on your political system and it is important for the youth to build up your future.We should never taken into granted whats going on in the Assembly. We elected them to lead us, to goven us, not for playing silly games for their dirty gains. And we should always remember, there are dedicated, honest leaders in the Assembly and lets wholeheartedly support them and appreciate their good works.

  3. krishnakumar says:

    Dear Minister don’t pay attention to the words of opportunitistic politicians whose mission is commission. Some times with left or with right this man is known for his outspoken behaviour. It seems his idea is to fill up the news columns of media. Even if the allegation is true it is a personal matter where all the others are third party. Please go ahead and perform your duties as a minister because you are one among the very few capables in the ministry.

  4. Saga Suresh says:

    We (people who lives in UK ) who always say good about good and bad about bad. Of course, We have only to say Best about you as a Minister and compare to others’ personal life as well. We are so ashamed of saying Mr. PC George, a 7th rate nasty creep are a part of our ministry. I remember the story from Bhagavad Gita, Sisupalan insulted so many times, but Lord Krishna didn’t respond. I am very sure Sir, PC George can’t touch a silly hair on you. Be courageous Sir. You are in our heart. Everybody is having their own personal life, the concern to the people should not be your personal life rather than Ministerial Life. Be like Arjuna in the Kurukshetra Battle.

  5. We a small society (a residents friends-ship) Manjummel in Kochi like you so much. We sincerely feel that some times you might be one who can lead our state correctly and directly.When without touching our hands to corruption and leads forward, the creation and joining of enemies are too large and common. But be cool and courage. Positive energy is always there with you. The present news may be disappointing, but forget everything including unjustified happenings from your father. Your activities against corruption, love and affection to the suffered one are highly appreciated in the society. Our doubt is whether you are like Karna or Arjuna ! Our full support and Blessings to you always.
    Let the almighty bless you and your family.

  6. Binu Sankarankutty says:

    Mr.Ganesh Don’t Resign because you are a good minister…. If a street dog barks at a person usually that person will not run away with fear but he will take a stone and throw on it and the dog will roll its tail and ran away with a screaming sound. I don’t want to say more on this.

  7. Binu Sankarankutty says:

    You go ahead. we are with you always.

  8. Binu Sankarankutty says:

    Where ever we are discussing about you ,100 % people are supporting to you , people are not listening to others words. sir go ahead .we are with you always.

  9. monse mathew says:

    do not resign Mr Ganesh , pc george is a mad wolf ,,he made the same thing with pj joseph. he abused suryanelli victim, we r with you we r elected you as an MLA not as POP so we will not allow you to resign.

  10. varghese babykutty says:

    Don’t be frustrated on these issues. Minister position is not a very big thing to throw away. We can understand your situation that no blood relations are with you. Your wife should be with you in these situations. But forgive it for ADITYA. I have personally experienced your affection with him. I have seen the love in your eyes when he was dropped in your house at the time when you are separated with your wife.
    Anyway don’t tell anything about your father. Balakrishnapilla sir is circled with some wrong person. Once he comes out from it, he will realize your attitude and any words from your side shouldn’t be in his mind at that time. Anyway our prayers are with you. Withstanding on these issues are the real mental power and don’t loose your self control. My pappa loved you than me and his prayers from heaven will be with you.
    varghese babykutty thrikkannamangal

  11. Suma Palakkad says:

    Sir please don’t try to spoil your chance to do something for Kerala’s local public through your resignation upon these substandard allegations. Anybody who have commonsense can understand all these are baseless cooked-up stories. We are not expecting a sudden thoughtless actions over these cheap issues instead we are expecting that you must fight with this allegations to close the mouth of this fake moralists.

  12. Anand G Nair says:

    We are with you.. We all think there is a gang against you.. Whatever be the outcome, we loved you as a Minister, a faithful man for the voters of Pathanapuram.. and a Hon’ble Minister for Kerala.. We are going to miss you.. Please be there as a Politician to refresh Us..

  13. sajithkumar ,UAE says:

    sir, persons who doing right things should always stranded in politics , sir your support is going to increasing day by day , don’t worry. fight back !!!!!!!!!! with more power and support.

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