Swearing-in Ceremony

Today I will be sworn in as a Minister in the Government of Kerala. If God and the people of Kerala are with me, I can do wonders. On my own I am only a drop in the ocean.

I am profoundly grateful to the voters of Pathanapuram, the Congress leadership, and my ardent supporters who made this moment possible. I seek your blessings.


44 Comments on “Swearing-in Ceremony”

  1. Hi Ganesh Ji.. May the Almighty shower U with all graces and blessings while being a minister. V R 100% sure that U are one person U would perform under any compelling circumstances. While being a minister for tourism, make sure that a tourism culture is brought in Kerala. Whatever tall claims the previous ministers have made on tourism in Kerala, one needs to say that there is hardly any tourism culture in Kerala until now. People are still staring at visitors (read tourists) from outside as if they are visitors from some other planet. Tell our entrepreneurs that visitors are coming to Kerala because it is affordable to their purse and also because it is beautiful. However, there is a tendency among most shopkeepers in Kerala to feel that all tourists coming to Kerala R coming with a lot of money. But the truth is they are not. If they have that kind of money, they would perhaps spend their holidays in exotic destinations in western Euroope or elsewhere which are as beautiful or more beautiful than our state.
    Again, most of our roads are not navigable. The best example is the road to Punnameda where most tourists coming to Alappuzha travel to catch houseboats. See how narrow the entire stretch is.
    Less said about comfort stations in Kerala is better. Are there any full-fledged and comfortable comfort statiosn along our hghways. If U ever happen to visit Malaysia, U would realise how is it possible to develop such wonderful comfort stations as one sees there.
    Also make initiatives to teach our youngsters as many foreign languages as possible. Please do bear in mind that most widely travelled community around the world is Japanese and of late Chinese too. People need to be taught the two languages to draw visitors from these two countries.

  2. The right portfolio for the right and apt person.YOU CAN DO WONDERS SINCE YOU ARE A PERSON WITH THE EXTRA BONE. Wishing you the very best.

  3. Deepak Raj says:

    All the best sir. We, the people, are with you.

  4. jayadevunnithan says:

    Congratulations! Wishing you the very best in your endeavours! Very confident that you will discharge your duties to the best of your ability and make a positive contribution to Kerala!

  5. Pastor Biju Philip says:

    I am pastor of a church in Trivandrum-Just wanted to congragulate you on your new position-We as a church are in prayer for you-May God be with you and bless you.
    Yours in Christ…

  6. M.BALASUBRAMONIAM, Prof. in Mridangam says:

    Dear Ganeshji, Congrats on the trenedous victory. Praying to LORD GANESHA for blessings. All the best.

  7. Rev. Dr. Issac Vilanilam Cherian, New York says:

    Congratulations on your new appointment as the Minister of Tourism. I am a native of Pathanapuram, living abroad for the past 34 years. Visit Pathanapuram at least twice a year. I always have friends travelling with me from USA. Unfortunately there are are no good hotels at Pathanapuram.Would you kindly look into this and see what you could do………Also remembereing your Dad in my prayers.

  8. abdul azeez, perinthalmanna says:

    njan saudi arabia-yil work cheyyukayanne sir. evida orupad malayalikal pala jillakallil ullavar work cheyyunnunde.ninghal transport department usharakki. eni health dep. edukkum ennanne evida ulla nghaghlluda aagraham. tourisum , ok ennal health atha sir nallathe. pravasikalluda prashnaghal padikkaan sir sramikkanne….

  9. Jaison kurakkaran, kottarakkara says:

    congragulations for non stop winning…………….

  10. Pramodkumar.T, Kannur says:

    On this auspicious occasion of audible voice, in our honorable Assembly, arising from your exciting conch of wonderful workmanship, which conceals all of the future works as Minister of Tourism, I also like to congratulate you wholeheartedly as other citizens of kerala. Awaiting always your endearing deeds to all Indians. May the blessings of Lord be with you Today and Always! Congrats on your new job as Tourism Minister of Gods own country.

  11. Dr.Bimal Lazer, Palakkad says:

    First of all I congratulate you for winning the Assembly election 2011. Now I congratulate for taking Sports with you. I know that you have the capacity to do new things and experiment. I am sure that India will win a gold with your effort and Kerala will be in the best form for the next five years.I am a National referee in football, Secretary of Trivandrum Referee’s Association and the only opposition member in DFA, lead by MLA Sivankutty. Please give a chance to visit you and present my ideas.

  12. Jojan Joseph says:

    I congratulate you for winning the Assembly election 2011. From the land of sands and hard work , Dubai , UAE . All the best for a strong planned rule, and developments in GOD’s OWN LAND”.

  13. Saw your swearing in ceremony live on Asianet. The smile on your face is the hope and aspirations of people of Kerala – show that we the people of Kerala are safe. All the best and we all are with you.

  14. Rajesh Kanattu says:

    All the very best to you. We expect for a strong planned rule, and developments in GOD’s OWN LAND”. Lets make Kerala a real Gods own country. We are with you.

  15. Jayakumar mohanan pillai, abu dhabi says:

    we all know that u r a good leader.under ur leadership u can do good for the state.wishing u all the sucess.

  16. S.A. MADHU, Ernakulam says:

    I am sure that the coming years will be the golden period of kerala sports.
    my suggestion is kindly allocate sports knowing members in the distr. sports council and other associations. we will not forget your fantastic peroformnce when were the ksrtc minister. we expect the same spirit in sports field also. kerala will remember for ever. all the best we all r with u ..

  17. Biju G Nair, KSA says:

    Congratulations sir… Still we remember your performance as Minister for Transport. Now the youth of Kerala are expecting a much better performance than your previous one. Pls guide our State towards number one position in tourism and sports.

  18. Albert shine, New Delhi says:

    Congrats! for your new assignment as the minister of Tourism, Govt. of Kerala. We people expect a lot from you, a visionary leader.

  19. JOJAN JOSEPH, Dubai says:

    congratulate you for winning the Assembly election 2011.

    You can do good, since you have good in you.

    We welcome you from Middle East

  20. Arshad says:

    I would like to Congratulate you for your Victory in election and your minister post. I am from Vadakara working in Dubai. Really happy that UDF is back in action ….. especially you …

  21. Sunil Nair, Dar Es Salaam,Tanzania says:

    Well done and congratulations! The fruit of your labor is sweet, and I must say you deserve it.

  22. nithin george thomas, Konni says:

    looking forward to your good work. i am a native from konni, a place near pathanpuram. we have a indoor stadium in poonkavu – we hope you will help to develop it more. Also achankovil can be developed for tourism purpose.

  23. Abin p kunjumon says:

    Congrats…..to the young…dynamic powerful…..minister…..
    I am Abin.p.kunjumon, son of kunjumon.m..(gun man of R.Balakrishnapillai sir…during last ministry..)
    As a well wisher, i will always pray to god ”’not to reduce ur loads ..but to give better strength for ur back bone to hold the load”’………..Let’s wait for the true justice for pillai sir…..
    Now it’s ur turn……..We r ready….are u….???..make the kick….”THE RIGHT GOAL”’……. ALL THE BEST…….:…..

  24. Manoj says:

    You were the best minister in the Antony Ministry. People in Kerala have huge expectations from you since you proved your ability. Wishing you all the best. May God bless you and May God bless Kerala.

  25. Shyju Mathew Keerickal, dubai says:

    Dear Ganeshetta, Hearty congratulations to you for your glorious hatrick victory from Pathanapuram. I am a member your constituency, But unfortunately i haven’t get an oppurtunity to vote for you so far, since I am working in Dubai. We did our level best to campaign for you through the social networks like Twitter & Facebook. Our prayers & moral supports are always there for you. Hope you can do wonderful developments for kerala ; wishing you all sucess. Really am proud to tell to my colleagues that you r MY MLA. May GOD bless you…

  26. Suresh P R says:

    Congratulations! And best wishes to be a good minister for Tourism. You, being a young and well cultured person, we a have positive expectations. I hope that you would be able to direct the Tourism sector to sustainable developments which would be beneficial to more common people for a long time. Most of the tourism destinations in Kerala are poorly managed and have shorter life time. Tourism has more potential to improve the economy of our state. The present situation is only beneficial to big hotel groups who have exhorbitant prices, which makes Kerala an expensive destination.
    May God bless in difficult times.

  27. Nowshad Ali, Singapore says:

    Dear Mr. Ganesh, Congratulations….. I appreciate your confidence when you are speaking with the Media. Our National Games should be model to India , which we can bring Olympics to India, I wish that during that time you should be Central Sports Minister.
    Sir I would like express some of my wish to implement.
    1. First thing is we need change our mentalility of media (Channels) in Kerala. They are not interested to bring positive news. They only give preference to negative news . Even when interviewing politicians.
    2. I visit Munnar last month after 11 years during my last visit to India. But I am sorry to say I could not see any change in improvement to attract tourist. You can do wonders like what you have done in KSRTC. We are only doing advertisements for Kerala tourism but we are not providing any facilities to tourist. The tourist industry is only looking for money but no service improvements.
    3. Now in the new world the social networking is very popular . Sir Please make use of the same to get the opinion or request for new ideas to be implemented. I live in Singapore, what they are doing is only marketing. They have good cat but they market cat as Tiger, and grab the tourist money. I am not saying we should do the same, but we can provide the tiger itself and get the revenue.
    4. National Games should be Kerala’s answer to the Commonwealth Games. You can do it sir. If you need any help we are there to volunteer. Get good people deliver 24 carat Gold sports and services.

    I would like to request you to call all media and give them a training on telecasting positive news rather than negative news happening in our small Kerala . We need to build a new culture , our media interested only for bad news. Sir I expect a drastic change in tourism industry. Sir please give me chance to meet you if you are visiting singapore.

    Regards Nowshad Ali, Singapore .

  28. V. SALIM KUMAR, Sharjah says:

    You should have been the first person from Kerala to appreciate all those artists who brought glory to the Malayalam Film Industry. Now cinema is not a cultural activity in Kerala.. it is just a platform for business interests. If people, like me believe that you too are a party in that, can we be blamed for it?

    I knew that you are very independent in your thoughts and deeds which was proved by yourself when you were a Minister earler.
    Dear Minister, please remember that you are the minister of the state, minsiter of all the Malayalees all over the world..

  29. Sreejith says:

    Congrats on ur election and swearing-in… We need young and dynamic leaders like you to take our country forward..Am sure you will shine brighter than u were in Antony cabinet and again make a good name for urself..Dont get carried away with success, we, Keralites need u to carry us on ur shoulders.. may god shower all blessings on u & ur family..

  30. Sreeju says:

    I’m really very happy to hear that you are going to be the Minister of Forest and Environment…. Do some thing best sir, and make aware of the people that you are the best…as you done in KSRTC.

  31. Chandrakumar R, Belgium says:

    First let me congratulate your hat-trick win from Pathanapuram. You had performed very well as transport minister in A.K Antony ministry. I was very happy when I heard that you got the portfolio as tourism minister, but later it got swapped with forest. Nevertheless, everybody knows portfolio doesn’t matter for you to serve the people. Wish you all the best and success.

  32. Manzoor Ali, Riyadh, KSA/Malappuram says:

    We expected a good Transport minister, while you won in the election, Unforutnately it was not happened. Kindly requesting you to take transport ministry, if there is any chance. Wishing you all the best in your all life.

  33. Reji.K.R., Dubai/ Thiruvalla says:

    I would like to get to you to talk more about the tourism. I don’t beleive in any political party. I rather believe in individuals in politics and You and Dr.M.K.Muneer are 2 of them.

  34. kiran prasad, Neyyattinkara, Trivandrum says:

    I am an engineering graduate from kerala university. saw your interview in webindia123.com. i want to congratulate you for understanding the problem of common people . as you said our education system is so backward.but the fact is, not only education but also in so many other areas we are not up to the mark. I strongly want to change our political system but being a common man i cant do anything. so after watching your interview i felt that you are the right person whom i can rely on. .. hats off to you sir … congratulations! god bless you…

  35. bency k.thomas, pathanamthitta says:

    hearty CONGRATS on winning in the elections..we do love to have a bold minister like you.but i was’nt happy enough to know you got tourism and sports…transport or even health and education would have been a reasonable field.. as everyone knows lot of our people are being killed evryday in road accidents rather than endosulfan…no street-lights and poor road constructions…besides most of us too do not obey the rules as it is…..it would have been nice if there were some strict protocols…i myself have lost two of my brothers in an accident.anyway i hope there won\’t be any dirty politics playing this time in the field of sports…especially the ranji selections and there would be equal promotions of ALL sports as well…again a hearty congrats…GOD bless you and family…

  36. Antonio (Sam), Riga, Latvia says:

    Hearty Greetings to the Minsiter of Tourism. I hope you can do great things to develop Kerala Tourism.

  37. b.k.thomas says:

    GO ON GANESH BHAI….may THE ALMIGHTY guide you in every step you go and in every decision you make…(ennaalum namukku transport vakuppo arogyam vakuppo mathiyaayirunnu !!) carry on with anything…ALL IS WELL!!!

  38. We would have certainly loved to hear more about a tourism ministry under a dynamic person as Ganesh Kumar than anybodyelse in the present ministry. Anyway, let us concentrate more on such portfolis as youth affairs and sports which certainly involve more action on your part in coming days. As part of a build up to the National Games, U need to ensure that all the facilities including the new stadium in Thiruvananthapuram, are completed at least three months ahead of the schedule.
    Another thing that needs to be borne in mind is one that needs a serious introspection. (I was a sports journalist for more than 11 years with Indian Express before I reached Doha in 2002). WHY SHOULD THERE BE UNILATERAL (Or uniform) CASH AWARDS for all medal winners from Kerala in all disciplines, regardless of whether their performance is of desirable standards or not. So from your part U can decide that only national record breakers at the Games would be entitled to get big cash awards and others only small cash awards. Such a decision may perhaps force some Keralite athletes working in other states to stay away from Kerala team for the National Games. LET SUCH ATHLETES STAY AWAY and we can fight with the remaining talents in Kerala. Many Malayali sportspersons living and working in other states prefer to represent Kerala at the National Games only because of the monetary rewards awaiting them and not out of any love or concern for their home state.
    Another thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the recruitment of sportsmen in profit-making state-run public sectors, even if they don’t have teams at present. Even if their potential employers don’t have teams their services could be effectively utilised if we set up something like a KERALA SPORTS CONTROL BOARD (a common platform for all Kerala sportsmen from public sectors other than KSEB and institutions and departments as Kerala Police). Let the Sports Control Board team represent the State in national level tournaments. Also prevail over the CM on the necessity of forming volleyball, football and basketball teams for Kerala Police as part of an ambitious mission to revive the once formidable police team.
    Along with performing duties at the state level, U also need to take care of the well-being of your constituents in Pathanapuram, which elected U with a thumping majority this time. May the Almighty enable to shoulder all responsbilities amicably and wholeheartedly to the satisfaction of one and all.

  39. Sooraj S Poyil says:

    Hi Boss
    Congrats! great going…

  40. Rajan says:


    Now you got the power to act and the voters are eagerly awaiting to see what you are doing for PATHANAPURAM ?

    1. Pathanapuram KSRTC stand should be completed.
    2. Punalur Hanging Bridge (ThookkuPalam) is to repaired and replaced all the kambakam sleepers with new ones.
    3. Control the the traffic conjunction of Pathanapuram, Punalur, Kottakkaraka.
    4. Pathanapuram Stadium completion.
    5. Engineering college at pathanapuram
    6. Govt. Hospital to be improved with better facilities.
    7. All Govt. offices to be in a single roof.
    8. We all are looking for a new TALUK with Pathanapuram as HQ.
    9. More govt. Institutions at Pathanapuram.
    10. Any thing else you can do for us.

  41. shehin says:

    i am a b.com student in s.g colllege kottarakara..I’m really very happy to hear that you are the Minister of Forest and Environment…. Do some thing best sir, and make aware of the people that you are the best…as you had done in KSRTC.. am a big fan of u {politics & film}.

  42. expecting another brilliant reconstitution of a govt system..!
    you seem to know how to use power..!

  43. shihas says:

    i am really happy to hear you are the minister of forest and environment.i hope you can do lot of things for Kerala.i have one request to you. please take new step to plant trees on each side of roads and keep cities clean.

  44. hanan says:

    1)make one film city in Kerala like Hyderabad
    2)make better environment for tourism
    3)please put traffic signal lights in all junction
    4)better roads and transport facilities
    5)plant trees on each side of roads
    6)take new step for waste management

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