Janangalude Vidhi Deiva Vidhi

The people of Kerala and the people of West Bengal, Assam, Tamilnadu and Puducherry have delivered their verdict. In Kerala, the UDF managed to obtain a paper thin majority. Yes, it is a disappointment – we would have been happier with a tally of 80-85 seats. But in a democracy it is the will of the people that prevails. I bow my head and accept the people’s verdict as the will of God.

From the bottom of my heart I thank the voters of Pathanapuram who have once again placed their faith in me. I thank all those who contributed to my campaign. I am grateful to my co-workers from the film industry who came to Pathanapuram to campaign for me. I owe a special word of thanks to those who sent messages of encouragement from across the globe. Words cannot express my gratitude to my party workers and supporters who stood by me through thick and thin, often missing out on food and sleep, and braving the summer heat. To them I shall remain forever indebted.

The LDF did what they could to obstruct my path. They spread false propaganda, resorted to character assassination, and distorted the truth about my contributions to the community and my achievements as MLA. They led demonstrations against the film stars who campaigned for me. They moved heaven and earth. (Oops! I got that wrong. The word ‘heaven’ does not appear in the Red Dictionary!)

Pakshe janangal vidhi ezhuthi. My victory margin of 20,402 votes clearly shows that my work in the constituency has been appreciated by the people. It also indicates that a great deal is expected of me.

Friends, and party men, once again our work has just begun……!

May God be with us, as always.


4 Comments on “Janangalude Vidhi Deiva Vidhi”

  1. Priya Praveen says:

    Heartiest congratulations!!!!

  2. Robin Parakadavil Rajan says:

    YOU have proved that you will always be there in the hearts of people of Pathanapuram…

  3. sreenath.s.nair, Malappuram says:

    My hearty congratulations! We need you as a Minister. I am always here to support you as a brother in my area. ”JAI HIND”

  4. Siju says:

    Congratulations! We’re so proud to share the joy of your achievement as our beloved

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