Ganesh Kumar was elected thrice to the Kerala Legislative Assembly from the Pathanapuram constituency in Kollam district. He joined the Malayalam film industry at a young age while he was a B.Com student at the Government Arts College, Trivandrum. In 1985 he made his debut in the film ‘Irakal’ directed by KG George. Since then he has acted in a variety of Malayalam films and television serials. He won the State Television Award (2007) for his role in the Surya TV serial “Madhavam”. In May 2008, he performed a daring fire escape act at Kozhikode for the film ‘Agnisakshiyay.’

Ganesh Kumar is the son of R Balakrishna Pillai, the veteran politician from Kottarakkara who had been elected eight times to the State Assembly and once to the Lok Sabha. Ganesh Kumar initially focused on his film career, but when the situation demanded his active involvement in politics, he was quick to rise to the occasion.

In 2001, Ganesh Kumar was elected to the Kerala Legislative Assembly from Pathanapuram on the Kerala Congress (B) ticket. He wrested the seat from the CPI, defeating his opponent, K Prakash Babu, by a comfortable margin of 9,931 votes. This was the first time in the history of Kerala that an individual from the film industry had been elected to the Assembly. (Earlier, industry titans like Prem Nazir had tasted defeat at the hustings.) It was also the first time that a father and son simultaneously entered the State Assembly. (Balakrishna Pillai had won the Kottarakkara seat.)

Ganesh Kumar donned the ministerial mantle in May 2001, when a court battle stood in the way of his father’s inclusion in the Congress-led UDF (United Democratic Front) cabinet. He became Transport Minister in the A K Antony cabinet and went on to give a good account of himself. Though only 34 years old and a political novice, he turned around the ailing KSRTC (Kerala State Road Transport Corporation) in record time and earned a reputation for providing a clean and efficient administration. In March 2003, when Balakrishna Pillai was exonerated by the Supreme Court, Ganesh Kumar stepped down from his ministerial post to facilitate his father’s induction into the Cabinet.

In the 2006 Assembly elections, Ganesh Kumar was once again elected from Pathanapuram, this time with an increased victory margin of 11814 votes, defeating K R Chandramohan of the CPI. The Left Democratic Front (LDF) had made a clean sweep, winning 11 out of 12 seats in Kollam District and a formidable majority in the State Assembly. The Pathanapuram voters, however, stood by Ganesh Kumar, making him the only UDF winner from Kollam District. Though many of his former ministerial colleagues were routed by lesser known opponents, and his illustrious father was also humbled by a CPI(M) debutante, Ganesh Kumar managed to hold his own.

In the 2011 Assembly election, Ganesh Kumar produced a hat-trick win from Pathanapuram, with an increased victory margin of 20402 votes, this time garnering 55.64% of the total votes polled. His opponent, K Rajagopal, was Kollam District Secretary of the CPM.

Ganesh Kumar was a Minister in the UDF Government led by Oommen Chandy from May 2011 to March 2013. His portfolio included Forests, Sports and Cinema and he earned a reputation as an efficient and honest minister. Ganesh Kumar resigned on 1st April 2013 after his wife filed a 498A complaint. Later, following an out of court settlement, the couple filed for divorce by mutual consent and were granted divorce in October 2013.

Ganesh Kumar continues to pursue his acting career, enjoys reading and has diverse interests. He currently anchors the popular TV program Nammal Thammil on Asianet. He has authored two books in Malayalam.


19 Comments on “Biography”

  1. k.a.mohamed saleem says:

    we wish all success to this reformed person.

    since he is young and keen to be credible, can do a lot for corrupt, and selfish political front.

  2. sreelal says:

    All the best sir.

    Kerala requires active politicians like u.



  4. Shiv Mohan says:

    He is honest because of which the KSRTC emerged with profit during his regime; selfless because he stepped down from the ministerial post once his father was acquitted; he is popular becuase of which he held his position at Pathanapuram when the wave was against UDF; he is versatile becuase of which he acts, holds position of President, Kerala Elephent Owners Asscociation, reads a lot of books that gives him psychological shine and in nutshell personality like him is needed in Kerala Politics irrespective of political base.

  5. Preetha S says:

    I am a NRI living in the US..
    Wish You All the Best for a Massive Victory in the recent election!!!! Looking forward to seeing you as the Chief Minister of Kerala soon…Really love your interviews and opinion about life and politics…

    with prayers…..

  6. Anzil says:

    Wish you all the best Sir..!!!

  7. Wish You All the best! Kerala requires Young blood, active politicians. Now we are more than 25years behind other countries, really a shame for Indians!

  8. mahesh trivandrum says:

    You are an asset to our political scenario….all the best for your future endeavours

  9. Ganesh..Ji.. you are becoming irregular in your blogging these days. We are looking forward to hear from smart people as U on a day today basis. Where R u after April 18?

  10. I congratulate you on your resounding win and hat-trick in electoral politics. Now that it is almost 100% sure that U would hold an important portfolio as Transport in the next ministry. Make sure that a system like what is seen in GCC countries on controlling errant, negligent and indisciplined drivers are put in place in Kerala. For instance, a signal violation in Doha will make the violator poorer by QR6000 (Approximately Rs 73,000). Such traffic laws came into effect in Qatar in November 2008 and accidents have come down by more than 50% since then. Heavy fines could save precious lives and also bring substantial revenues to the State.

  11. Ravi Kumbalat, New Delhi says:

    Irrespective of my political belief, I admire you as a young leader who can turn anything into gold. If you are again coming to the helm of affairs of KSRTC, please do the wonder, what you have done years ago, and we still cherish it as an excellent example of Ministers handling their portfolio.

  12. N Ramachandran, Mannarkad says:

    Let me take this opportunity to express my happiness in your colourful victory in the Assembly elections. Your nature or work, straightforwardness, performance as an administrator- transport minister etc attracted my attention towards you. I am confident that you will get a ministerial berth in the UDF ministry. Please try to get sports, youth affairs, shipping and devaswam portfolios. Lot of thing to be done in these areas towards the society…with you all the best…..

  13. Resounding victory, a third in a row! Congrats Minister!!

  14. Praveen Kumar Pillai, Kunnicode/Hyderabad. says:

    Sir, no words for me to express my happiness of ur astounding victory for the third time in a row from our constituency. Thanq sir for all the gr8 things u ve done for us. Hope u would become our CM one day and prove the worthiness of youth in politics… K.B GANESH KUMAR #1 CHARISMATIC LEADER IN KERALA POLITICS…

  15. Jijo says:

    All the best for your political leadership. Our country needs young, effective and good politician like you. May God give you courage and strength to rule and handle criticism and may show the way to success. Let our Kerala be in the right hands and be always “Gods own country” even though some devils are trying to make it devil’s own country. ALL The Best Ganesh Ji.

  16. Ajay Krishnan says:

    All the best sir…!!!!

  17. Dear Sir…..
    We the Youth of Kerala is with you. Politics doesn’t matters us to support our Youth Icon !!!!
    Go ahead with your dreams…… Which is also ours !!!!!!

  18. A.Kumar says:

    Dear Minister,
    You have a clear mandate of the People to continue as the M.L.A and minister. You are elected By the People For the people and you be with the People.Your Family issues are taken by The Chief Whip (Who whips others Good image for one’s own Gains); to settle personal scores with you. Don’t give much importance to such irresponsible people. You have more important things to handle. Please go on with Confidence. Let us not be deterred by the cowards and Loudspeakers in politics.

  19. Sunil Kumar says:

    you are only one good and bold person in Kerala politics and i proud of it because you are my MLA, please continue your fighting for truth and common people we all young blood with you from Pathanapuram, and we want you see again as a minister,Best wishes ….

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