From Far and Near

As people from far and near send messages to me directly and through the social media I feel that my struggle for justice has not been in vain. If people understand without being told the whole truth, if so many men and women all over the country see through the false propaganda and separate the wheat from the chaff, it reinforces my faith in humanity and strengthens my faith in the inherent righteousness of public opinion.

There is a justice that transcends that of the courts and the political system – and that is the will of the people. In essence, that is what democracy is all about. And above the will of the people is the will of God – and I believe that is the ultimate justice.

Just wanted to share a few messages and thank the contributors:

M M Vincent, Thodupuzha asks: Have u got justice? The law is heavily loaded in favour of women and all are not equal before law it seems. Lawmakers have no sense of justice, only an eye on votes. You are a brilliant politician and an able administrator. I hope and pray that you will overcome these hard times and come out with flying colours.

Midhun, Neyyatinkkara says: i belong to cpm but we all people like u. we dont know what happened to you.

Thomas John, Delhi writes: Since last 2-3 months I was following all news about you, particularly the fight with your father. Me and my wife had so many occasions talked about the pros & cons. We both are fans of you – your clean image as minister. We are sorry to hear the family dispute and the aftermath of the same.  It was very sad to see you apologizing in front of the media. You should have found some ways to avoid that. As a man doing this publicly is very hurting.  I congratulate you for doing that for the sake of your family and for ending the controversy.  I wish you a successful future in your political life, cinema life and also in your personal life.  Also congratulate Shibu sir for helping you.

Renji Chandran from Dubai says: Njan oru pravasi malayaliyanuu…janagalkkuvendi sathyasanthamaya bharanam kazhchavakkunna valara kurachu nethakkanmaril oralanu thangal…Njan oru partiyudayum aalalla but thangal oru party rupeekarichal ennapolayulla anekam per thangaluda kooda undavum……sirinta nilapadil urachunilkkanulla manashakthiyum samadanavum undavatte ennu njan deyvathodu prarthikkunnu.

Geoslee George, from Surat, Gujarat says: Fight against corruption. Dont keep ur mouth shut. God gives strength & power. Everything will end clean and neat. Always look forward. Nobody can stop U. U will become a hero of Kerala politics.


One Comment on “From Far and Near”

  1. Sudhi Menon says:

    Dear Mr. GK,
    I am not in any political party, residing in Muscat.
    When you had come to Muscat for the NSS’s Onam Celebration, i was also present and in fact we met. I know it is not possible to remember all the faces as you have been meeting, talking to many many people. I want to say that your inaugural speech was JUST SUPERB. I still remember your words that from the age of 10 i started giving speeches but one of the member asked me to restrict the speech the way he wanted and you publicly retorted in such a manner and the person, whoever it may be, got a slap in the darkness by your speeches. GREAT MR. GK.

    Also you are one of the BEST minister ever i have seen. I do not want to get any kind of help from you by saying this. But in our Kerala Politics, they do not want a good administrator whereas they want a Traitor.

    I wish all the best and trust you will again become a good minister

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