Taking a Break

I’ve been trying desperately to take a break, to spend time alone, to introspect – but finding it next to impossible. Bloggers and blog enthusiasts are egging me on, asking me why I’m silent. Well, it isn’t because I’ve nothing to say. It’s just that I’m tired after the hectic election campaign – and slightly confused.

2011 is a year of multiple happenings – the Japan earthquake cum tsunami cum nuclear disaster, the State Assembly elections in Kerala, Tamilnadu and elsewhere, the passing of Satya Sai Baba, the killing of Osama by President Obama, the fast by Anna Hazare to press for the passing of the Lokpal Bill, the popup of the Shanti Bhushan CD, the Libyan crisis and unrest in the Arab world, the death of the Arunachal CM in a copter crash, and nearer home the marriage of Prithviraj and the attacks on the NSS offices by unidentified (?) hooligans.

As the countdown to the election results draws close, my blood pressure goes up ..up… up…


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  1. reju says:

    Mr. Ganesh you are a nice man and also your father, but avoid the street fighting because somebody misusing you and your father. take care.

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