Laptops for the Leftists

The Marxists opposed computers in the sixties and seventies because they feared that their introduction would cause widespread unemployment. And what happened? The IT boom created millions of jobs and brought prosperity to virtually very household. Today our children need not migrate to the Gulf in order to earn a decent livelihood. They can work in their own home State. And of course, the Leftists are carrying laptops! Recently, the LEFT Government distributed laptops to all the 140 MLAs. It took them over 4 decades to realize the worth of computers.

The Left even opposed tractors on similar grounds. Today Kerala has neither tractors nor agriculture. They opposed the entry of self-financing private institutions in the higher education sector. Today Kerala is far behind the other South Indian states in the field of education. People send their children to other States to study medicine, nursing, engineering, hotel management and other courses. Non-resident Keralites send their children to the U.K., U.S.A. and Australia. This is what the Marxists have done for Kerala.

The same people who once made snide remarks against those who travelled in air-conditioned cars and worked in A.C. rooms, are now going around in fancy cars, sleeping in A.C. rooms and travelling by air even from Trivandrum to Kochi. Now, all of a sudden, they are finding helicopters unacceptable. Even in the days of the Ramayana, we had Ravana flying past in his ‘Pushpaka Vimana’. And our Marxist friends in the 21st century are objecting to the use of helicopters in the election campaign. The moment the Marxist Party buys a pair of helicopters the perception of the Red Brigade will change. Just wait and see what they do in 2016!


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