What the People Say

Rajesh from Bangalore writes: About Resignation: Sir – You are one among very few ministers who is really concerned about Kerala’s future. So do not just give up if some ‘crappy’ guy shouts at you. Be calm. Show what you can do with good ruling/decision.If you see online debates, everyone is supporting you. So, please do not resign for nothing ! We want to see some good thing in Kerala not a Land mafia. ! Please do not resign.

Harish Murukanandan from Singapore writes: Don’t give up the fight. You are a very good minister and the protector of forests. Don’t give up the battle to some idiot like P.C. George. Common people of Kerala are with you!!

Binu.S.Gopinath, from Bellary, Karnataka writes: Support on your Views: Respected Comrade, The courage for moving ahead on the situations are highly appreciated. We all support you. Please don’t leave your constituency. Minister ship may not be an issue to you. Take strong decisions strictly according to your own mind. For your next election campaign, we all will be with you.

Vikas Jayasree from Dubai: We are always with you. We know your character and innocence.

Jayakrishnan P V from Erumely writes: Why dont you respond correct way my dear brother? Please respond through judiciary & medias & politically. Be COURAGEOUS & AGRESSIVE. Don’t become emotional& sentimental.

LIJU V.J. from MARADU, ERNAKULAM says : Please don’t submit your resignation. You are the only one true minister in Kerala. We all love u… we need you.. so please don’t..

Binu Sankarankutty (undisclosed location) says: Don’t Resign because you are a good minister…. If a street dog barks at a person usually that person will not run away with fear but he will take a stone and throw on it and the dog will roll its tail and ran away with a screaming sound. I don’t want to say more on this. He also adds: Where ever we are discussing about you, 100 % people are supporting to you, people are not listening to others words. Sir go ahead .We are with you always.


Sharing some Messages

Messages are pouring in from various people. I thought I would share some of them.

Shaji Thomas from Detroit, USA: This is my take on you, you are a good human being and inside you have a sadness because you feel alone despite of all the good things you did for others. I know that you do all your things by yourself, that starts from laundrying your clothes , i am also like you, i do my things myself, in a way its good because you are independent of your partner and you have the freedom to accomplish your duties that way than stuck to your partner to get permission for everything.

Dr.Salim Paul from Doha. Qatar : We want Ministers like you. Go ahead with full power. All the best.

Cinoj from the Netherlands:
I completely support you , irrespective of whether the current news is true or not. I believe it is a personal choice and people should understand and respect, which is highly lacking in our community.

Ajith, Sheeba, Anjali & Anjitha from Vandannoor: Dont get upset on recent issues. We all are with you. They will be continously making problems. But do not mind it. Wish you all success. Public knows what you are. You have a soft corner to the poor people and not minding the thieves. Go ahead with pride. Ajith, Sheeba, Anjali & Anjitha.

Unni from Kundara: We are with you sir. We know your dedication in politics. Recently i travelled in Pathanapuram and i saw what you did there and how much the people of Pathanapuram like you.

AL-Ameen.S from Kundayam, Pathanapuram : Angayudekoode kerala janatha undu, prethekichu njangal pathanapurathukaar, P.C yude vakkugal kettu anga minister sthanam raajivechu purathu pokaruth.

Sreekumar R Nair from Dombivili, Maharashtra: You should take legal action on the issue raised by PC GEORGE, he is acting as a cheap whip not chief whip.

Sasi Menon from Dubai: ALL THE BEST. Please go ahead with your strong willpower and dedication to serve the society. We all behind you my dear Minister. Pls go to court or necessary authorities to clear your name from unnecessary allegations from land mafias and forest grabbers.

Mathew Paul from Auckland, New Zealand: You are an intelligent, capable, honest minister. We need politicians like you. The current affairs are targeted to spoil your good image, led by your father. Please never ever take a decision to step down. There are many with you, supporting you. You are a good leader. Please let this not affect your image.

An Independence Day Dream

Six and a half decades ago when India won independence from the British, most Indians of today had not been born. For the country’s youth, the freedom struggle is only the stuff that history books speak of, for even their parents were born in independent India. They dream of an independence still unattained, of a country very different from the India of the 21st century.

I dream of an India that is no longer divided on caste and religious lines. A country where the right to vote really means the right to an independent choice. An India whose people live together in peace and harmony and work towards common goals.

The youth of Kerala have a dream for this beautiful state – a dream that I too share. We dream of a Kerala where bandhas and hartals do not disrupt the life of the common man, where political murders and other forms of vendetta do not tear apart the conscience of the peace-loving public, where diseases and epidemics do not claim precious lives, where women are respected, where the rivers are kept clean, where the forest wealth is safeguarded, where business thrives and wealth is generated, where every individual finds employment without a struggle, and where corruption and nepotism do not hinder the smooth functioning of the government machinery.

Kerala will be God’s Own Country only when people learn to love and support each other, when every person living in this State – not only locals but labourers from other Indian states and tourists visiting from abroad – enjoys happiness and freedom from want. This is the goal the youth of Kerala aspire for. This is my dream for Kerala.

I call upon the youth of this country to have hope in the future, to keep their dreams alive, and to hold aloft the flag of independence in their hearts. Jai Hind!


May this VISHU bring peace and prosperity to Malayalis the world over and to all our fellow human human beings. And while we pursue our own personal aims and games, let us spare a moment to help all living things on this on this planet to survive and thrive. We need them all.

Congrats to Anoop Jacob!

Hearty Congratulations to Anoop Jacob on his spectacular victory at Piravom!

Responses from the Public

As always, your voice is my inspiration…

Ashok Nambiar wrote:
First of all I take this opportunity to congratulate you for your achievement as the minister of Kerala. You are a very good movie actor, but remember its not reality, but a virtual world. You can easily handle law in movie and punish the culprits. But this is reality, real life. People of Kerala, including myself, expect so many things from you. So you ave certain bonded duties and obligations to the civilians of Kerala.

Our country, our state is corrupted recently. We need young, energetic and smart people with a vision in our ministry.We need a corruption free India, corruption free Kerala. We believe you, We have 100% faith in you as the Minister of our state. We the youth from Kerala who voted you expect a genuine person and leader in you. Hope you will fulfill the ambitions, wishes and dreams of ordinary people of Kerala.

Mr. Ganesh Kumar, our beloved Minister, we, the youth generation of entire Kerala are with you. Go ahead and achieve your goal. May God bless you.

Shyju Mathew wrote from Dubai:
know ur situation Ganeshetta… Father is always father. We cant correct them. So u dont make any statement against him to the media. Let him do what ever he like. But u plz do not resign. Everything will come to calm end. We r praying for u. We need u as our representative of Pathanapuram always.

Reju wrote:
Mr. Ganesh you are a nice man and also your father, but avoid the street fighting because somebody misusing you and your father. Take care.

Ratheesh TS from Kottarakara says:
Really you are great , our society needs people like you to make incredible india . All youth have to get inspired by you .All the very best for your political future ………Lots of Love

A Big ‘Thank You!’

A big ‘thank you’ to all those who have expressed support and sent communications to me through various channels. I am unable to respond individually and I hope you will understand.