If you have Fire in Your Blood……

Kerala has thousands of talented and enthusiastic youngsters with fire in their blood. So many boys and girls are languishing in the remote corners of our villages without getting a real break. This is because the growth of the State has been stunted by political negligence. We are compelled to watch helplessly as the other States like Tamilnadu and Karnataka make progress. Our banks and financial institutions (even in the cooperative sector) are flush with funds, yet there are no industries or even small businesses coming up. We have given up on agriculture and we import all foodstuffs from other States. Our destructive energy outpaces our constructive energy. This is perhaps the direct consequence of our political consciousness. Kerala is ticking away like a time-bomb waiting for a trigger.

On the social front we are moving backwards, with narrow mindedness and conservatism ruling the roost. We are on the top of the alcoholics list. We excel in the number of suicides. We have high rates of crime. Social support for the individual is at an all time low.

When you are young it is not unusual to feel alienated from society. Sometimes you feel there is no one you can trust – no one who will stand by you in a crisis, no one who will condone your mistakes, your failure in an exam, your failed love affair, and all those mistakes that the young frequently make before they attain personal maturity. You either fear or disbelieve your parents. You are not sure if God really exists and whether you can count on him. You don’t like either the social system or the political system prevailing in the State. And you don’t have anywhere else to go, because this is your home.

I want to say to you, my friends, as long as we are alive there is hope. What cannot be endured must be cured! Not by taking up arms, not by wallowing in hatred or self-pity, not by taking refuge in alcohol, drugs or other ‘escape’ routes, but by waking up and taking action. Together we can do it. As Obama said in his inaugural speech, “YES, WE CAN.”


2 Comments on “If you have Fire in Your Blood……”

  1. Certainly, YES WE CAN, provided we are optimistic about our future. We, the Keralites are looking at people like K B Ganesh Kumar to delivering goods for our people. Wherever we go, in particular outside the country, there are role models for the youth to emulate. If Chinese are doing extremely well at the international level, it was because of the initiatives made by Deng Ziaoping and India had a Rajiv Gandhi for a brief while. Similarly, each of the growing economies around the world has a set of leaders to transform them. Look at Brazil and see what Lula Dsilva has done to awaken its people, similarly Russia owes its recent advances to mercurial Vladimir Putin and incumbent Dmitry Medvedev. Unfortunately, and sadly our only role model these days is an aging man, Manmohan Singh, who is surrounded by a bunch of some masters (if not doctors)in corrupution. Leaders like Ganesh Kumar could at least come forward to motivate the youngsters in Kerala, through a meticulous approach, and a dedicated campaign on college campuses.

  2. Jobin Jose says:

    Nice topic and you have composed it well too. We have fireworks itself in our blood, still, we are not able to determine where we go wrong !! We have a pessimistic approach rooted deeply in our blood. Don’t we have leaders with strong implementation skills? Yes, We need someone with Optimistic Approach and who can approach “problems” as “events” or “incidents”. Yes, We Can !!!!

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