Who Snatched Away Your Rice Bowl?

The LEFT is trying hard to unleash a propaganda that the UDF is against giving rice to the poor at affordable prices. The truth is that the cost of cultivation of rice is rather high and the Central Government supplies it to the State at highly subsidized rates. The State Government further subsidizes the rice distributed to the BPL families.

In order to supply rice to BPL and APL families at Rs. 2 per kilo or Rs. 1 per kilo, the State Government has to incur heavy additional costs. That is why the LDF Government waited until the eleventh hour to pass the Rs. 2-per-kilo-Order. Since it came a week before the election announcement, the Election Commission took objection. Now the Supreme Court has upheld their view.

How does the Supreme Court decision affect the common man? Simple: People will have to wait until the elections are over to get rice at the new rate.

If the LDF comes to power, rice will be supplied (hopefully!) at Rs.2 per kilo (how many kilos they have not specified), and if the UDF comes to power, rice will be available at Re.1 per kilo (25 kg per family).


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