It’s the Time to Disco!

I believe in all the good things of life. No! Don’t get me wrong! I’m not talking about a pint or quarter or anything. That’s not my idea of fun. And I don’t smoke either. “Then what do you do?” a bewildered Minister in the LDF Government asked me, when I mentioned this during chit-chat time in the Assembly. His question was accompanied by an unmistakable innuendo. I shook my head in disagreement. And told him I believe in love. He was flabbergasted. I’m pretty sure he didn’t believe me.

Friends, Life has so many beautiful things to offer. Kerala is a dream location with beaches, mountains, forests, trees, flora and fauna, warm climate, rivers, backwaters, fertile land, domesticated elephants, festivals, and places of worship. We have languages, music, poetry, dance, cinema, art and culture and multiple avenues for entertainment. Why should Malayalis hit the bottle? I don’t understand.

I’m not saying “don’t touch alcohol. I’m not that narrow minded. Pakshe, amithamayaal amrithavum visham alle? When you learn to drive, the first lesson is how to apply the brakes. Why do the people of Kerala experience ‘brake failure’ when they start drinking? My father and brothers in law are teetotalers. Perhaps their influence was stronger than the influence of my film industry friends and so I ended up a teetotaler. God bless them!

It is virtually impossible for an actor (whether male or female) to escape the public perception of promiscuity. It is an inhibition-free industry where people work round the clock in close proximity. People think there are more opportunities here and fewer barriers, so everyone leads a Bohemian life. But I think what does not happen in the rest of the society, cannot happen in the film industry alone. Before I entered the political arena I was a prime target for the rumour mills, precisely because my father was a successful politician. All I can say now is that I am not the person I was made out to be.

I did make my share of mistakes. And I did face the consequences – alone. Today, I wish to share my thoughts with the youth of Kerala because they are at the crossroads and may be wondering which way to turn. All I can say is don’t follow the crowd, follow your heart. Don’t be discouraged by failure, because your day is sure to come. Sometimes you have to wait really long for success, love and happiness to come your way. Forget about the mansions and the BMWs and the beauties and the hangers on. They won’t make you happy.

Just go out and enjoy the best that life has to offer. No! Don’t reach for the bottle. Find another way. Plant a tree. Sing and dance. Play with a child. Visit the sick and ailing. Watch a movie. Play indoor and outdoor games. Read books. Reach out to people, not just in the virtual world of the internet, but in the real world. Spend time with friends. Love someone. Connect with your environment. Re-establish your bond with nature. Travel as far as your purse permits. Go swimming. Climb mountains. When you are older and the burdens of life catch up with you, it may not be possible do any of these things.

You are YOUNG and that is what counts. YES, it’s the time to DISCO!


One Comment on “It’s the Time to Disco!”

  1. davismanual says:

    Cool one….really the LDF criminals don’t know what they are doing.

    Running behind a foolish ideology.

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