Random Thoughts About Child Rights

If I were a little boy what would I be dreaming of? Toy cars and aeroplanes to play with. A couple of cellphones. And a laptop. Permission to browse the internet whenever it pleased me, and to play video games at will. A king-sized TV in my room with all possible channels. Siblings and friends to play with. Freedom to eat chocolates, pizza, and burgers whenever I want to.

No one should stop me from playing loud music. No! I don’t want to stick that funny thing in my ears – you see I like to dance! No one should laugh at me when I ask silly questions. If they don’t know the answers they should be frank enough to say so.

No need to go to school everyday. No need to carry heavy school bags. (Now that is what I call a ‘donkey’s life’!) No homework. No scolding by father, mother, or teacher. No questions about marks or grades or what I am going to be when I grow up. (Who wants to grow up anyway?)

I wish my parents would stop quarrelling. I wish they would come home early from work. I wish they would take me to the beach or the zoo. I wish we could go together to see a movie and eat popcorn and ice-cream in the interval. I wish they wouldn’t shout at me when I break a precious piece of crystal. I don’t do such things deliberately. Sometimes I just practice bowling like Sreesanth, and I miss my target.

When I run a fever I wish they wouldn’t give me those horrible medicines. And I hate going to the doctor because she always gives me an injection. If they ask me I would tell them the fever will subside in a few days even without treatment. But no one listens to me. They think they know everything.

When my parents ask me to run errands or do odd jobs around the house, I don’t call it child labour, or ask for wages. I don’t even know what Child Rights are. When they spank me in a moment of anger, I don’t call it child abuse or call the police. And I don’t even hit back.


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