Janangal Vidhi Ezhuthum

“Man proposes, God disposes.”

I am seeking re-election from the Pathanapuram constituency in Kollam district. If you are a voter of Pathanapuram, please vote for me. If you are too young to vote, or if your place of stay is elsewhere, please pray for me – and ask your elders to vote for me. During the last decade I have tried my best to do justice to my role as the people’s representative. The people of Pathanapuram will decide whether I should represent them once again.

From the neighbouring Kottarakara constituency, Dr. N N Murali is the Kerala Congress (B) candidate. I call upon the voters of Kottarakara to cast their valuable votes in his favour.

The Kerala Congress (B) is a part of the Congress led UDF. We believe in inclusive economic growth and we are pro-development in every sense of the term. We want God’s Own Country to move forward. We believe NRIs are crucial to our development plans. We place our trust in the ultimate wisdom of the people.

God bless you all.


One Comment on “Janangal Vidhi Ezhuthum”

  1. Rajesh Reghunadhan, London says:

    we the people from kottarakara are proud of u and ur father. whenever i go to a party of malayali association, and somebody asks me where i am from, and i say kottarakara…. immediately they ask “is ur house near to balakrishna pilla’s house?” My father is also a active member of Congress. All the best for the coming election … i will pray for u … from a small brother from kottarakara…….. now staying in london …… rajesh reghunadhan pillai

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