The Good and the Evil that Men do…

The three best things: To be humble amidst the vicissitudes of fortune; To pardon when powerful; And to be generous with no strings attached. (Prophet Muhammad)

Congress leader, Oomen Chandy, moved Heaven and earth to bring four Malayali Muslims out of a Saudian Arabian jail. They were facing the death penalty, and their families had lost all hope. But Oomen Chandy did not give up. With the firm backing of a human rights activist (Shihab Kottukad) and a good Samaritan (Padmashri CK Menon) he secured their release after paying 80 lakhs as blood money. This is the mark of a true leader.

Consider the case of the LDF leader, VS Achuthanandan, who gleefully announces that he will send all the Opposition leaders to jail. He goes around filing court cases against everybody. He spends much of his time pursuing these cases. No wonder he didn’t find any time for doing development work.

There are many things you can do with money. Like going to Macau, where you can blow up millions in mere seconds. Or filing cases in the Supreme Court against political rivals. You can also do constructive and socially purposeful things. Like what CK Menon has done.

There are many ways of spending your time. See how Shihab Kottukad utilized his time to deliver his countrymen from the jaws of death.

Let this be a lesson to every one of us. What a person does with his money and his time – that is what makes him what he is. What he does for other people – that is what makes him a success in life.


One Comment on “The Good and the Evil that Men do…”

  1. Unnithan, Hyderabad says:

    Wishing you all the Very Best in the forthcoming election from Pathanapuram. Also, May God bless Balakrishna Pilla Sir to come out of all the current problems he has been subjected to by unscrupulous elements . He will come out as Ultimate Winner. As you have indicated in your last meeting, Prayers of Millions are with him. God will give him a chance to defeat the Ugly and show to the world his worth and ability.Once again wishing both of you all the very best. May GOD BLESS YOU.

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