Can You Change The World?

If this question is posed to you what would you say? Most people would say ‘No, I cannot.’ Now suppose we ask the question, “Has the world changed?” Every single person would readily say “YES.”

The next question we need to ask is, “How did the world change? Who changed it?” there are no simple answers to this one. But there are some individuals who really changed the world. And the changes they brought about were irreversible. Alexander the Great conquered a great part of the Old World, Mahatma Gandhi demonstrated that victory could be gained without waging war, Thomas Alva Edison dispelled darkness from the planet and the Wright brothers made it possible for the human race to fly faster than the birds.

Even before history was recorded, before the dawn of civilization, human beings had succeeded in changing the world. Someone had discovered fire, someone had invented the wheel, someone had tamed horses and elephants, someone had discovered agricultural methods and animal husbandry. We don’t know whether these dramatic changes were the handiwork of individuals or groups. But what does this tell us? That everything is possible – if only we are determined. YES, we can indeed change the world!

And remember, Socrates said, “Let him that would move the world first move himself.”


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