Achan Parayunnu

My father’s first reaction to the 10th February Supreme Court judgement was, “We cannot expect anything from a review petition because it will be considered by the same judges. To alter their previous verdict would amount to admission of error on their part. So no Judge in his right mind would consider a review petition favourably.”

Yesterday the Supreme Court dismissed R Balakrishna Pillai’s review petition. A writ petition filed by him will be heard next week. The matter is still sub-judice. My lips are sealed.

Of the Poojapura jail my father says, “I have been in jail from the days of the Emergency. Nowadays there are better facilities. I have no discomfort.” He goes on to add, “The people in here are mostly innocent and straightforward. They come to me and tell me their tales of woe. Some of them are here because of a single act committed in a weak moment. Some are unjustly punished. In any case, they are better than the people outside.”

Achane kaanaan ennum aalkaar undu. Cheruppakaarum, vriddharum, valiyavarum, cheriyavarum, purushanmaarum, sthreegalum, ellavarum varunnundu. Achan points to them and says, “These are my assets.”

I always respected my father, and thought he was a bold man. Now he seems larger than life.


2 Comments on “Achan Parayunnu”

  1. Rejish Chandran, Oman says:

    As every one knows the drama was only because of some political agenda and politricks. I am expressing all support and prayers of myself and my family…

  2. Philip, Muscat says:

    I personally feel that Mr. Balakrishna Pillai is a good Statesman and the present situation is due to a procedural lapse and not corruption. I hope and pray that he will come out clean and in good health. He deserves an honorable and peaceful old age life.

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