Let Every Voice Be Heard!

The internet holds an unstated promise: Let every voice on this planet be heard! 

Of the estimated 6.8 billion people who inhabit our celestial home, the majority have no wealth, no power and no voice. With the advent of the internet, this situation has changed. If you have access to a keyboard and mouse, you can reach out to the whole world. You can change the destiny of nations.

The year 2011 has seen unbelievable changes in many parts of the world. Revolutions are happening without leaders, without political or social ideologies and without underground organizing efforts. It is the common man, single and unorganized, coming onto the streets to demand a change of government. He is unafraid of bullets, undeterred by threats. The transition to democracy is sudden, unexpected and unrelenting. It is “an idea whose time has come”.

It happened first in Tunisia, a small country in North Africa. Then history repeated itself in Egypt.  Now Libya is erupting and the glamorous Gaddafi is poised to go down fighting. In Algeria, Morocco, Yemen, Bahrain, and Oman, the common man is making his voice heard without taking up arms. The rumblings of discontent are being felt across the world. And the people of these nations have made it known that no policeman is needed, that they are quite capable of managing their own internal affairs. Big Brother US stands and watches.

In each of these countries the action was triggered by internet -circulated calls to action. And the response of the people was instantaneous. Many gave up their lives to help their nations realize the dream of freedom. A few sensible rulers bowed before the will of the people and made abrupt changes to their political structures, while promising far-reaching changes. 

What do we learn from this? That you cannot displease all the people all the time. That man’s yearning for freedom should not be underestimated. That the best government is that ‘of the people’.

Democracy may have its problems but it is still the most equitable system the world has ever known.


One Comment on “Let Every Voice Be Heard!”

  1. I wish at least some of those legislators with a better vision have also created websites like this for communicating with their constituents. It would do us a world of good if a provision for inter-action with U is made for overseas Indians.
    People’s representatives like U hold a lot of promise and everyone is looking at what you are delivering to your voters. Today I happened to see programme featuring U and your constituency in Manoramanews and my appreciation for U has doubled after seeing what U have done for an under developed place as Pathanapuram during the last 10 years. Wishing you good luck at both Kottarakkara and Pathanapuram. Go for hat-trick and our prayers r 4 u…

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